Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Update on Bella's Vision

This is good news. Her vision is doing really well and her second cornea transplant will have lasted for one year this August. She went to Omaha to see her doctors yesterday and everything looked great. Her eye pressure was where it needs to be and she is seeing well out of her new cornea. Fingers crossed.

Her last cornea transplant worked for about 18 months before it rejected so we still have some hurdles to overcome. She is still patching to make her eye stronger and to keep the pathways between her brain and her eyes alive. She does this for about two hours a day and we anticipate that will stop in the next year. Apparently when you are 7-8 those pathways cannot develop any further. She's been a champ.

She graduated from Kindergarten about three weeks ago and is enjoying her summer. She is taking swim lessons (wearing goggles) and is a little more brave than her mother would like her to be. Jumping off diving boards in the deep end of the pool, holding her breath under water, just being a kid who has learned to swim. Its great to see how far she has come, unfortunately it has gone by too fast. I still like to remember her as the little baby with glasses and a patch on.


whitney said...

i LOVE to remember her as the little baby with glasses-- couldn't be any cuter.
On another note, maybe you should suggest diving to the little daredevil. As linda would say, "she'd make such beautiful lines, joshuer"

Josh Fleming said...

funny you should mention that. Linder and Bella watched the Olympic trials with diving the other day.

whitney said...

hmmm, maybe its a sign