Sunday, June 1, 2008


If you don't know my father-in-law this may not be as amusing. I encourage you to read it anyway as it paints a picture of who my father-in-law is and who my son is becoming. If you do know my father-in-law, Kazimierus Totoraitis (Cuh-Zim-Er-Russ Toto-Rye-Tis), or Tor for short and obvious reasons, then I encourage you to get a fresh pack of underwear. Tor is from Lithuania, speaks in a high falsetto voice yet stands 6'2 and weighs about two and a half bills. Think, Kojack, with white hair and more lovable.

My son is turning into Tor, or mini-Tor as his sisters have been calling him. Here's the evidence.

Tor will walk into a room at any given moment. You will be in the middle of a 30 minute story and he will but right in and say, "What's the problem? What are you talking about?"

Mini-Tor runs around yelling at people at any time. "What doing? What saying?"

Tor will drive seven hours to our house, not even stop to use the bathroom or say hello and go straight to the basement and work on the computer. The computer doesn't really need work, he just lists "defragging" as a skill on his resume. For hours on end he will defrag, update, check his updates, install programs I will never use and provide me with the latest and greatest version of Norton Anti-Virus. He won't sleep because he is worrying about something happening to the computer. Lightening struck the house the last time they were here. He didn't rush to see if we were ok, but he made darn sure the computer was just fine.

Mini-Tor spends hours in the backyard focused on one task that really doesn't matter. Whether its moving dirt from the sandbox to another location, or moving buckets of water between the kiddie pool and a sand bucket, Drew is focused on the task at hand.

Tor is a very generous man. He will often tell you he is going to do something overly kind and you object. He resonds with "Don't argue with me. Please Sashua don't argue" (He can't say the letter "J" so he calls me Sashua.)

Mini-Tor doesn't like arguing either. I will say, "Drew, its time for bed." He responds with "No say that!" Both of them seem to live avoiding confrontation.

So if Drew grows up to be a generous, determined, focused and thorough adult I guess I can't complain. Although everyone enjoys a good argument every now and then.


whitney said...

that was very funny, sashua

Josh Fleming said...

thanks Whit, I appreciate you not arguing with me.

Schaller said...

LOL! Mini-Tor drew was funny! I wonder where Drew gets it from. when Drew gets his homework, he will stay on that one task, like he did in Mini-Tor. You have one funny family! I miss you! Love you lots!


Schaller said...
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