Monday, June 2, 2008

Stella Blue Update

Stella has recovered nicely. After about a week of sleeping in her kennel, bowls of white rice hold the soy, she is just fine. We live on a flood plain and have the drainage river thing in our backyard. Apparently Stella has been drinking the run off water which most likely includes pesticides and whatever my neighbors are putting on their yards. Hasn't helped that we have had so much rain we could flood if we get another heavy downpour.

So, Stella now goes out on a tie down chain. Its kind of sad but she has become a little too independent and likes to roam a little too often. Sometimes I am lazy and let her out and watch her and she starts barking at kids walking down the street.

Stella is a dog by the way if you haven't figured that out. We stopped putting our kids on tie-down chains weeks ago.

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whitney said...

Thanks for the update on Stella. Aunt Whitney was worried.