Saturday, November 8, 2008

November 5th is only the beginning

One of my favorite moments as a child came when I was six years old. My dad picked me up from school and had my three year old sister, Erica, with him in the car.

In the living room, Mom was sitting in the recliner in a bath robe. I remember her looking happy and tired all at the same time. They had just returned from the hospital. We were told that our new sister, Whitney, was sleeping in her room but that if we were quiet, we could peek at her real quick.

Erica and I crept up the three stairs and into the room on our tip toes. Inside the crib was a beautiful baby girl, our sister. I lightly patted her on the head, he hair was like silk. Erica patted her on the head as well in the same fashion. We looked at each other as if we had gotten away with something and then ran quietly back to the living room and started laughing quietly.

I asked mom if we could have another peek. She agreed and Erica and I went back. Patting this little baby on the head, one time each and then running back to the living room. We did this about 30 times. I love that I remember this experience.

Well that baby Whitney, has a baby of her own now. Whitney and Brooks brought Naia Marie Gibson into the world on November 5. This kid is about as cute as Whitney was on that warm September morning in 1980.

Having my own family now, I have come to realize that the beginning of a family, the birth of each child is only partially the best part. As I get older I become more and more like my own father. Something I swore I would never do as a child, but as an adult its something I embrace. I am able to realize that the sum of life's experiences are so much greater than an actual moment itself. I'm pretty sure my dad feels the same way, as he truly was my inspiration for starting this blog.

The experiences my sister and Brooks will have for the rest of their lifetime will forever be better because of November 5th. Here's to Whitney and Brooks on the journey of some wonderful experiences.


Garity said...

You have such a fantastic family and I love your thoughts on the babies who make our lives that much sweeter.

linda said...

Beautiful comments and memories for a beautiful new mom!
Thank you!!!!

Willie said...

Loved your comments, as always, and he does feel the same way - Josh's very proud dad.

Garity said...

Ok Josh, going through withdrawals since you haven't updated...everything ok? Don't mean to put the pressure on or anything.