Saturday, November 22, 2008

Crazy Week

The job change
I have a new employer and I start on Monday. I am pumped, blessed, lucky and thrilled at how everything worked out. Daina has been great through all of this and my family and I will be better for it. More news on this later.

The Toilet Debacle
So, the toilet seal on the main level bathroom leaked. We didn't know it for a few days and water seeped under the hardwood floors causing them to buckle, brend, break and otherwise just be terrible.

So, after four quotes (Daina is very thourough, thank goodness), a $1000 deductable and three days of sanding, sealing, repairing, moving all things from the kitchen and dining room to the family room, we now have beautiful floors again.

At some point, we will have to install a new toilet and all of that jazz. I have a buddy who agreed to install the new toilet.

Painting the bathroom
Before the flooring guys came over, Daina that thought it would be a great time to paint the bathroom. So I did. I ran out of paint near the end, and only needed a quart to finish the trim areas.

Off to Home Depot

Color match, etc and then finished. Next morning, it was dry and I went in to look. Yeah, color match didn't work. Not only did the trim not match but there were spots were I had touched up areas previously missed with the new paint. It looked like some rejected approach to painting.

Back to Home to Depot

"Oh, yeah, you're right, sorry about that. So you'll need a gallon?" Back home and painted the whole thing over again. Joy.

More painting

So while the guys were here fixing the flooring, Daina thought it would be a great idea to touch up the base boards and the quarter round. (Are you seeing a trend here?) I did, no issues. Looks better. Today though, I get to touch them up even more for some of the spots I missed.

Bathroom round three

Pulled the tape off of the bathroom and sure enough some of the trim work paint got all hosed. So I will be doing that today as well. Maybe I shouldn't be blogging right now.

In conclusion
None of this is either amusing or funny but should provide the basis for a lack of blogging.

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Garity said...

Ugh, feeling for you in a major way! Glad you are back of luck with the new job!