Sunday, November 2, 2008

Laurens Wedding Recap Part 2

In this post, I'll go over the rehearsal dinner portion of the event. Part three will include the wedding itself.

Daina was the bride's personal attendant which I guess also means you get to shred frozen pork for the main entree. Here is the meat extravaganza.

There were ten people shredding meat that had been frozen since May which were leftovers from the bride's brother's graduation. All of this was occurring in the church kitchen. Not sure how many pigs had to die for this but they seem to be plentiful in Laurens anyway.

Daina shortly after shredding meat. Not sure if there is meet in her eye of if she is crying from the thought of eating the meat.

The meat "money shot"

Decorations. Yes, those are fushing lures. And very lifelike once removed from the box.

Decorations in action! Nothing says classy wedding like a pine tree decorated with fishing lures and red and white bobbers.

The Groom's cake will go here in the plush camo tent.

This is a star that I hung from the ceiling. Notice how impressed Daina is with my work.

Here's my clan, the ring bearer and the flower girls. This was all taken extremely seriously by the girls. Drew threw the pillow at least 20 times.

Here is the lead singer of the Spin Doctors, also father of the bride. Apparently there are no barbers, combs or shampoo in Laurens.

I'll post the wedding pics soon, including pics of Bella doing the Cha Cha dance.


Garity said...

Finally able to catch up on blogs after not having internet for a while...yours were great! The pictures make me miss the USA even more now! I'd like 600 acres!

linda said...

Maybe we should have consulted the wedding planners in Laurens before Erica's nuptuals????