Friday, February 23, 2007

Advice from my father

As my children continue to grow faster than I can keep track of I am reminded of wise words my father spoke to me. We were talking about how quickly Isabella (now 5) was growing, progressing, discovering, and I felt lost. Too much time spent working on a job I would leave, too much focus on things so unimportant I can't remember what they were. My dad said...

"Take mental notes of all the moments."

Great advice. But for me, only great in theory. I rarely find myself with the ability to sit back and remember their youth passing in front of me. Isabella learning to run before she walked, Caroline's first temper tantrum (one of many more to come) and Drew dancing to Kid Rock's Bawidiba (Bawitdaba da bang a dang diggy diggy diggy said the boogy said up jump the boogy) and playing air drums with his fat little forearms. These are great mental notes, things I am glad to remember.

But I have forgotten a lot. And hence the need for this blog.

So, Dad if you are reading, great advice. I will continue to take mental notes, but now I will give my brain the ability to be capable of more. I hope to collect stories of this life, of my wife and our children who are shy, determined, happy, emotional, curious and beautiful all at the same time.

I used to write a journal when I was in highschool. I enjoyed the experience, yet would find myself reading it months after, being embarassed about what I wrote and tearing out the page confessing my love for some girl I don't remember. Now I am too old to be embarassed about much of anything. Pride when you are a husband and a father should be put to the side. I should listen to my own advice sometimes. Here's to not hitting the delete button months from now.

My father gave me some other really good advice on my wedding day. "Smile and nod." I'll save that for another entry.

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Garity said...

Well said Josh. I agree 100%. I didn't know you kept a journal in HS! I am a huge proponent of journal writing and have seen it become a huge blessing in my life.
Your dad's advice was great! My dad's advice to me was "Garity, let him be the man"...seriously that's what he told me! Kris and I do argue though about who gets to tile, drywall, mow the lawn, etc... but he's more than welcome to change the oil, I always hated changing my own.