Friday, February 23, 2007

A Phone Conversation

Daina: I had to spank your daughter today
Me: Who, Bella?
Daina: Yes, and you know I oppose spanking
Me: What did she do?
Daina: She mooned Caroline!
Daina: Its not funny
Daina: That's not what little girls should do!
Me: LOL, where did she do it, at Happy Joes?
Daina: No, in the family room
Daina: Did you teach her that?
Daina: Maybe she learned it from TV
Me: LOL, no!
Daina: Probably from her friend _______ (left blank to protect the mooning 5 year old friend)
Me: Tell me what happened. LOL
Daina: We were in the family room and she mooned Caroline, I asked her where shelearned it, and she wouldn't tell me. I told her she had until the count of tento tell me where she learned it or she was getting a spanking. And she didn'ttell me. So she got and spanking and had to go to bed.

I think I am going to go home, and if the kids aren't around, I am going to moon Daina.


whitney said...

I love it. Thought this was so cool, i just created my own. Let me know if i did it right and i will start devvoting some time to it =). Love you!

pishydish said...

spanking works--nothing like corporal punishment to get the point across--

whether it be a stick, hand, book, paddle with holes strategically placed to maximize redness, or leather strap with chards of glass glued on the ends--it gets the job done,

if and only if...the person doing the spanking is committed in the ferocity of each blow--anything less than forceful will produce laughters and create no intimidation--

josh, if you really want to get spanked--come pay a visit to cousin Pete