Sunday, February 25, 2007

Isabella's Contact?

Its funny what seems important to a parent means very little to a child. Daina and I have been talking about the various options for Isabella's eye treatment. Long story short - her shunt is moving towards her eyeball (not a good thing) and we have to watch it to make sure it doesn't move any closer. At some point, she will need to have it moved. She also needs to have strabismis surgery at some point, this will straighten the eye causing it to be less "lazy." The strabismis sugery is complicated by her cornea transplant and glaucoma treatment. Hey, nothing's ever easy nor is it cut and dry.

So Bella is going to start kindergarten in the fall, and Daina and I have always assumed that we would put a brown contact on her eye, to make it look like the other eye. We, as parents thought it would be important that she have this done before preschool.

When Daina asked Bella about getting the matching contact, Bella said she didn't want it. That having her eye the way it is makes her special, and she likes being special. She has no idea just how wonderful her way of thinking makes her special above anything else.

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