Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Slippers and Skim

Got Drew to bed around 8 last night and the girls were watching some Phineas and Fern garbage on TV. I said, "enough, turn it off, lets talk." So the three of us sat in the living room. We started with the standard questions from Dad.

"What did you learn at school today?" This was followed up with lots of "Well I played with so and so," and "I don't remember."

I also try to remember to ask "What did you do today that was nice for someone else?" This was followed up by "I held the door for the class, I picked up my friends paper on the floor" that kind of stuff.

"So, Bella" I said, "What did you have for lunch today?" Her eyes lit up, she had some material and she was going to share it.

"Well dad, I had salad bar and skim." Bella said.

"Skim?" I asked. "Do you mean skim milk?"

"Yeah, Dad, I had skim."

Daina would later confirm that for the first week at school she was drinking something called "Whole."


So then they wanted to play the "Guess the person game" - which is basically 20 questions. Is it a boy? Is it someone we know? Are they on TV?, you get the idea. We had everyone from Jesus, Uncle Wolfgang and Hannah Montana's friend on her tv show.

So it comes to Caroline's time to have us ask her the questions. Bella goes first. "Is it a girl?"

Caroline nods yes.

"Is she in a movie?" I ask.

Caroline nods yes and says, "And she wears glass slippers!!!" as if the hint was a good one.

Bella yells "Cinderalla"

Caroline screams, "Yes! You got it!"

I'm lucky to be their dad. Good times.


linda said...

:-) It's like when you and Erica played hide-and-seek with Whitney. The seeker would yell something like, "I wonder where Whitney is?" And a little voice from behind some semi-hidden spot would say happily, "I'm here! Over here!"
Life keeps bringing us smiles!

whitney and brooks said...

aren't i so damn cute?