Monday, September 15, 2008

Potty training

Drew is about 95% there when it comes to going on the potty. He wears a pull up diaper through the night and usually wakes up dry clamoring to go in the potty. When he does go potty, he does a pee pee dance, and sings "Drewy made a pee-pee" over and over again. He sings it to the rhythm one would do a conga line too. During the day time he is all about big boy underwear and is pretty proud of himself.

He will occasionally have issues, shall I say, going #2 in the potty. Sometimes he sneaks off into the playroom and goes in the girls little dollhouse tent thing and pinches one off. He knows he shouldn't but he does. He hasn't reached the "low maintenance point" quite yet. We're getting there.

Tonight, I was trying to wind him down as he sat next to me in the bed watching some football drinking his cup. All of a sudden he start making these weird noises and I am convinced I will be cleaning up dirty beep beep underwear. So I say, "Drew, did you just go potty in your pants?"

"No Daddy," he says, "I didn't poop, I just yawning, I just tired."

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linda said...

Just makes me smile to think of such a sweet and honest son-dad moment.