Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Chicken, a Snake and some Toilet Paper

Apparently the incident occurred during some kid related shuttle activity so I got the short version of the story from Caroline when I got home.

There was a bird, I am told by Daina that it was a hawk or some kind of predator. I'm going with a hawk. Although Daina described it as a hawk with talons and a large wing span. It was swooping down onto the street and eating some road kill that was recently unsuccessful crossing the street. As traffic came by, the hawk would fly up and then swoop back down when all was clear. The road kill I am told was a snake, but that's debatable. I've never seen a snake meet its demise on a suburban street, but that's the story Daina told me.

So Drew says, "What that chicken doing?"

Daina decided to turn the car around and go back to witness this bird of prey and its easy lunch. The kids enthralled.

Caroline says, "That freakin' chicken is eating a dead snake."


On they way home from a friends birthday party, we saw that the highs school had been toilet papered, AGAIN. Bella says, "Well it wasn't me!" Caroline says, "Those kids should clean up that mess and apologize." Guessing she heard that from her mother. I said to her, "Caroline, you're pretty funny." To which she replied, "Yeah dad, you should put that on the blog. And the freaking chicken."


erica said...

i LOVE her! When can she get one of these silly websites for herself?!?

linda said...

Sounds like an excellent title for a children's book!

Garity said...

Ugh, being TPd still brings back horrible memories. (I still don't know who got me but I have my guesses that 2 of them had the initials J.C. and J.B.) Caroline is right, those kids should clean up the mess and apologize...I bet she doesn't see the humor in it either.
I'm giving the freaking chicken a second vote to be the star of a children's long as there is a dead snake and TP involved in the plot could totally pull it off Josh!

Josh Fleming said...

Garity - you and me both. My mom would always say, "I'm ready for Chuck to graduate." : )

A children's book? Sounds good.

Erica - maybe I should set up Caroline with her own blog, it could be just random shots she throws out there. Any name ideas?