Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Flag Football

High drama and comedy at the YMCA fields are granted - provided you show up with a three-year-old who is interested in playing flag football. Yes. They start at three years old. So Drew, doesn't really get the concept. He understands that part of the game involves pulling off people's flags. We have had two practices so far. Our third practice is Sunday at 1. Then the games begin.

Drew, wears #7 for his team, "The Jayhawks" - don't even get me started on that. Anyway. My little #7 has a blast running around the field, learning to hike, hand off and "play defense." Basically this is a good excuse to run. And certainly wears the boy out for nap time at 2 p.m.

So back to this not understanding thing. Since it has only been practice, Drew and his teammates have been scrimmaging (if you can call it that) against each other. The ball is hiked to one kid, he hands it to another kid, kid with the ball is prompted to run and the rest of the team chases him around trying to get the flags. Pretty simple, right?

Either Drew is not very fast or his athletic pants are too big. Probably blessed with his father's gift for speed. He'll break no records but certainly gives it his all. Drew has never caught the guy with the ball. Yet, he has managed to catch #10. I think the kid's name is Quincy or something. He is slower than Drew and they basically compete for bringing up the rear of the pack, with Drew smiling the whole time. So the play will break up with no one ever catching the kid who actually has the ball. But that doesn't stop Drew. Drew goes and takes the flags, both of them off of #10. This wouldn't be as amusing if 1. #10 didn't cry, 2. Drew didn't laugh, and 3. It didn't happen 30 times during one practice.

Pictures of the big game soon.


Garity said...

Oh the criers...they always make things fun. You'd enjoy this post by one of my dearest friends. http://onesouthernbelle.blogspot.com/2008/08/racing-toward-mediocrity.html

Josh Fleming said...

thanks Garity, and thanks for reading! : )

linda said...

Drew comes by his running "ability" naturally...you ever see your dad run? I like to think that genetics are at work here. I like that!

Willie said...

Columbia, Missouri
September 30, 2026

"Now @ running back for the Missouri Tigers, #7, Drew "The Iowa Flash" Fleming!!"