Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Returning the Favor or Welcome to the World Baby Boy!

Five months ago almost to the day, my brother Josh hijakked my blog and kept people up to the minute on the birth of our daughter, Austin Elouise.

Now it's my turn.

This morning when my phone rang, I held my breath. "What are you doing?" Josh asked as if it were any old day, as if we all hadn't been waiting (impatiently!) for the newest Fleming to arrive.

"Ha ha, Josh, what are you doing?" He then told me how I had a nephew, how Daina was feeding him for the first time right then, how he was perfect, and everyone was fine. My mom says he even has red hair! We didn't chit chat, and they hadn't (haven't?) picked a name yet, but I hung up and gushed. And then I told my daughter all about him.

See, this really great thing has happened to my family. All three of us Fleming kids have had babies in the past 5 months. They'll all be the same age, in the same grade, three little Flemings will all graduate from college the same year! And there's just something amazing about that, something about sharing all the excitement that is so very nice, and so VERY FLEMING. Cause when one of us celebrates, we all celebrate. And I tell you, these three babies have earned themselves one helluva party.

But today is "Quatro"'s birthday, and while he may have to fight his girl cousins for attention in the future, he gets every sparkly shiny second of attention today.

I just tried to call the big kids, Bella, Caroline, and Drew to get a few sound bites, but there was no answer...Perhaps they're meeting their brother?

Welcome to the world, Baby Boy. I can't wait to love you!


Garity said...

Yea!!!! Yes I'm a dork and have been checking my blog list on a daily basis to see if you, or your sister :), has posted yet. Congrats Fleming family!

linda said...

Thank you, Erica, for putting words to some of the many feelings flying through my heart.

Thank you to all of you kids for enriching our lives so completely and beautifully.
Loving you always,
Mom and Dad