Wednesday, March 11, 2009


stats: 8lbs, 10 oz, 20 inches, healthy and happy

look at that face!

Hello to all of Josh's readers... this is his other sister, Whitney, here to update. We Flemings are blogging maniacs and each time the family grows, one of us takes over the new mom/dad's blog, so here i am.

Little Harrison joined the family yesterday morning and we're all excited, especially, it seems, are his siblings.

some pictures of him and his sibs:

these two are going to be good buddies, i can tell

it seems being born takes a lot out of you!

and with his adoring parents:

i had to include this picture. Not to embarrass anyone, but this is one hot mama. its not easy to look this good, i speak from experience. this is right before harrison's debut =)


Willie said...

Solid efforts by both you and Erica. Your brother is truly blessed to claim you guys as sisters.

Garity said...

Great post! I love the very first picture. Thanks for posting that last picture...this fat prego now has a complex! How can someone look that good at 9 months? ARGH!