Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random shots

Quatro Countdown
I was going to wait to post untilt he baby arrived. Well he/she hasn't and its been a rather antsy experience. We are scheduled for a C-section on Monday morning, March 9. So unless Marshmallow IceCream / Quatro comes earlier we'll have a baby in six days. Can't wait.

All three kids have strep throat so they are all on meds. So after an 8:30 run to Walgreens and $45 in co-pays they were on the road to recovery. I have to get the stuff flavored so they can handle it and they have a routine where they absolutely must have a drink of water in their hand to consume immediately after the dropper of medicine is consumed.

Caroline told us that even though its flavored, she still doesn't like the taste. She said, "The medicine tastes like when I lick my finger and touch my ear then I put my finger in my mouth. Daina says, "So it tastes like your ear?" And she nodded yes. Go figure.

Over McFlurry's the other day at McDonalds, Caroline asked me about allergies. She wanted to know what people were allergic too. We discussed this in great detail. She asked me if anyone was allergic to kids. I laughed.

So after five coats of paint on a perfectly beautiful white bed, we have a somewhat imperfect navy blue bed that is now Drew's big boy bed. I painted the room, khaki color, this was after three paint samples that didn't make the cut with the boss. Oh yeah, hung a curtain rod and curtains too. And then, we invested in some new boy bedding, train themed with shams, you get the picture. It was a pretty sizable investment, mostly of time, but the room is great. The nesting process seems to be over for now. Hope Daina doesn't read this post. Anyway, for whatever reason, Drew still enjoys sleeping in his crib. Go figure. He's agreed that as soon as Marshmallow comes he'll move to his big boy room.

We got her report card and were pleased to find out that she has progressed significantly since the last Fall. She is now at a second grade reading level and she really excels at math. Her art work has real potential. Looks like she got the math side of Daina and the creativity of her Dad. She's always interested in making up games to pass the time in the car and will go to great lengths to make art work for Daina and I every day. All around, a really great kid that I am proud to call my own. She is getting to be a little cool though. Not holding my hand at church, being a little argumentative, but I can't complain.

In all four of her pregnancies she has never looked as good as she does today. I think its all the time on her feet working and chasing after the kids. The baby is so big that her stomach is actually bruising from the inside out. She loves when the kids want to see the baby moving inside of her. The baby is more active than the other three were which makes for a pretty strange Alien movie without the blood effect. We think the kids can feel a real attachment to their new sibling already.

More good times ahead for the Fleming fam.


Garity said...

I'm finally catching up on blogging and reading other's. Where the heck have I been? Is it that time already?!?!?! For Daina's comfort, I hope Quatro comes early!

linda said...

Dad and I will be flying to Miami as Quatro enters the world if he/she waits until the 9th. What fun news that will be to "land" to!