Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A long time coming

Since the last post, we have have Xmas, New Years. two preschool shows and a first grade show that was more politically correct than an a Human Resources convention. You'll have to pardon the randomness of this post....

We also had a fabulous performance by Caroline as the baby mouse in the Nutcracker. THey were all dressed the same and it was hard to see which one was Caroline. I asked Daina to point her out to me, and Daina said, "She's the shortest one that is jumping the highest" - Solid effort and a great time. We had Daina's parents and Daina's sister's family in town for the big day. We also celebrated an earaly Christmas that weekend.

Throughout this time I still can't find the blasted photo card upload device. So we have 350+ really good photos on our digital camera that I'll post at some point. I should probably just break down and go to Best Buy.

Caroline's friend at preschool that was referenced in an earlier post, we'll yeah, he's back. After Christmas break, Caroline found a picture of him in her cubby. Good looking kid, and I may scan the photo, black out the eyes and show you. But come on brother, a picture? There was no note, and nothing was said. And Caroline just smiled when I asked her about it. She carries it in her purse.

Daina is nesting like its a competition. I have to keep reminding her that Martha Stewart isn't on her way over. I have painted the foyer, the stairwell (had to rent a special ladder) and the hallway. I have purchased bunk beds, and installed a closet organizer. We've decided to put the girls in the same room in the bunk beds. They are thrilled. I have to paint this room because the girls don't want it to be purple anymore. Primer anyone?

Drew will be in Caroline's bed, which of course I have to paint blue because a boy's bed can't be white. That's Daina talking, God love her. And yeah, have to paint this room as well.

Marshmallow Icecream (Quatro) is due in March and will at some point live in Drew's current room. Probably six months in our room and then to the nursery.

Poor Daina. She is quite the trooper. Still working, and keeps on telling me she's not going to make it to March 10. Her belly looks like she's nine months already. She's so beautiful when she's pregnant, and I am going to miss it.

My new job is great. Keeping me busy. We are putting together a new Web site as well as a company blog. The Web site should be up by end of February, the blog in the next week or so.

Hopefully I will get pictures posted soon. Sorry for the delay. As John Lennon says, "Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans"


linda said...

So happy you're back :-)

whitney and brooks said...

yeah, i was good and READ the blog first (love all the updates, and i love picturing you painting the house top to bottom) and now im off to the pictures!!

Garity said...

What a stud, painting the house like a dedicated husband! We need more of your kind! I really feel for Daina right now, she's almost there and that's when it's the hardest! I'm not looking forward to it myself. We are trying to figure out the sleeping situation also....not fun.