Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm a slacker

I haven't posted anything decent in a while and I am going to use the Christmas is busy excuse. My slacktuitiveness is due largely to not being able to find my digital camera card uploader thing-a-ma-bob. Great photos within. Also, I will post the Fleming Family newsletter on the blog this year. Most likely before the actual cards arrive. Should be interesting, putting the final touches on it now.

Also, I added Google Analytics to my blog. Very cool to see what areas of the country are visiting, what they are reading, how long they are staying. If you blog, I highly recommend checking this out. And yeah, its free.

Be back with some actual content shortly.


linda said...

Yea!!! Come on fella- I want to see Caroline the mouse!
Love you
Your technologically challenged mom!
Google Analytics...HUH?

Garity said...

Ah, I know how that goes but know that I really enjoy your posts! I've been quite the slacker myself but I believe I have redeemed myself with my last post about breaking down our front door...always so much excitement around here.

By the way, I thought you'd like to know I invited several old friends to drop by your blog for some great Josh humor (well, mainly for the potty training post) so I hope you are getting a lot more traffic!

linda said...

OK fella!
It's your mom here and it's time to stop the slacking! If you have time to listen to the soundtrack of Karate Kid, you have time to post some Nutcracker and Christmas photos!!!!
Love ya!!!!!
But miss those kids :-)