Monday, January 26, 2009

A Mover and a Shaker

This baby is up all night, squirming inside of Daina. The baby moves so much more than the other kids did, and all three of the kids love watching her move around. Little punches and kicks, Daina's tummy looks like something out of an alien movie. Its definitely the highlight of the evening for the kids, sitting around watching the baby kick. Good times.

Daina has never looked better pregnant than she does now. The only place she looks pregnant is in her belly. The doctor says the baby is laying sideways. Regardless, this kid is treating Daina's stomach like a punching bag. If this kid is up all night we are going to have some pretty long days at the Fleming house!


Garity said...

You are so sweet how you talk about the way Daina looks pregnant. So romantical! I bet she is the perfect candidate for one of those fancy photographs done in black and white that highlight a pregnancy (do you know which ones I'm talking about?)

Don't know if you caught my last blog post about "puke freckles" but unfortunately I am not as lucky as she is and Kris will even admit that pregnancy is not at all kind to me.

When I am pregnant one of the things I wish I could do is have Kris experience the kicking and moving is the coolest feeling EVER! (until it keeps you up all night!) Have the kids been able to see little foot prints when she kicks? I'm only a few weeks past 5 months but already my guy is waking me up at night and the kids keep trying to catch the baby kicking as well. Definately one of the coolest things about being pregnant.

Kortney said...

Porter used to move like crazy as well. His little bum was at the top of my tummy and it would move back and forth all night. We'd call it the "hippy hippy shake." For a six month old, he's a pretty good dancer. I'll be excited to hear about the arrival!