Friday, May 23, 2008

Sweet Caroline

Caroline turned five today. You could sense the excitement last night, as the child who fits the middle child sterotype like no other had all the attention on her. She opened a few presents early, a Barbie Mariposa dress up outfit and a princess sleeping bag. She and Bella had a birthday sleepover in Bella's room utilizing the new sleeping bag of course. Had to leave for work this morning before she woke up so a call home to wish her a happy birthday is imminent.

There was a time we didn't think she would make it past six months of age. After Daina found her limp in the bassinet, her eyes rolled back and an ambulance on the way. Bad times. She wore a sleep monitor to alert us when she would stop breathing in the middle of the night. Her skin raw from the straps, the alarm going off 4-5 times a night. Nothing like hearing an alarm every night for 12 months alerting you that your child isn't breathing anymore.

She has come along way. Those days are behind us and she is healthier than we could have imagined. Funny how life makes you appreciate small things, like breathing, like growing, like turning five.


Chris said...

Happy Birthday Caroline! Josh, remember when you popped over to our little crib on Hillside w/ Caroline (9 mos. old at the time); I was so clueless about kids that I almost set her down on her feet thinking she wanted to walk around? Duh....too funny. Keep up the blogging!

whitney said...

Happy Birthday to Caroline! I'll call later of course!

erica said...

She's my most favorite middle...and it takes one to know one. I'm so glad you're blogging again.I love all the stories.