Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I just....

So it looks like Drew's terrible twos will shortly become terrible threes yet the excuses for acting like a crazed kid are getting better. He used to just scream and yell at me that he was sorry. He's topped that. A typical scenario involves Drew punching his sister, throwing a fit, throwing a toy, having a meltdown, you get the idea. He isn't always like this, but he often finds himself in more trouble than the little ladies in the house. So in the heat of trouble, when time-out is imminent he will crack a big smile. Goes like this.

Dad: Drew, don't punch your sister, that's not nice.
Drew: I just kidding
Dad: Drew, I'm serious, you could really hurt her.
Drew: I JUST KIDDING! (repeated 10 times at increasing levels of yelling)

So the other day, I was driving with Drew in the car. Just he and I, probably going to the hardware store, definitely running an errand for the Mrs. and Drew starts acting up over me not answering a question.

Drew: Daddy what dat?
Daddy: What?
Drew: Daddy what dat over dare!
(Mind you I am sitting in the driver seat, his punk ass in the back seat in a car seat so I can't see what tractor he is obsessed with at the moment)
Daddy: Drew, I can't see
Drew: No Daddy, what dat over dare over dare over dare!!!
Daddy: Well Drew that's a dinosaur with tractor wheels and a beep beep horn
Drew: What Daddy?
Daddy: I just kidding
Drew laughs.

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whitney said...

I'm going to the post office for sweet caroline today. If she asks, tell her i'm sorry and am a frazzled aunt these days =)