Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stella Blue Wake Up Call

Stella Blue, though not a child of mine, feels like one. Our dalmation will be 13 in July and has really been a great friend and family member. She has seen me through a lot of challenging times and is there to remind me of when I was younger. She's like a walking memory you could say.

Well today, Stella Blue woke us up in a whole new way. This is going to be gross so click away or continue down this path with me.

So at about four in the morning, I smell something awful. I think the dog just farted and I'll go back to sleep. This is a common thing for Stella to do. And when its me who lets one go, Stella is an easy target for me to blame. She doesn't really care. I digress.

Wake up at 6 to poop and stench all over the room. On the carpet, the bed, the pillows, the sheets, folded clean laundry. It was everywhere. Stella is no where to be found. She is hiding. She thinks she is in trouble.

We find her under Caroline's bed, shaking, scared and stuck. We have to lift the bed and pull her out only to discover that she somehow slept in some of her own mess.

So there I stand in the backyard. Boxer shorts, t-shirt and the dress shoes I wore to work last night. Holding her on a tie down chain and spraying her ass down with a garden hose. And its like 40 degrees. The things you do for those you love.

In the meantime, Daina had convinced me I could be late to work, she needed new bedding and that the carpets needed to be professionally cleaned. I am guessing that will cost me a few hundred. If I'm lucky.


whitney said...

i need some follow up on this. Is she OK?

Josh Fleming said...

Stella Blue has recovered nicely. : )