Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This could be interesting

This weekend we are headed up to Laurenes, Iowa (pronounced LA Renz) for our kids babysitters wedding. Apparantly, Laurens a.k.a. "The busiest little town in Iowa" has quite a history, and suprisingly a web site.

All three of my little dudes will be in the wedding. Drew as the dashing ring bearer, and Caroline and Bella as flower girls. I anticipate blog posts of this event to much to list in a single blog post, so I am planning on a 4-5 part series. Here's why:

The food at the wedding is going to be leftover bar-b-q beef sandwiches. They have been frozen since June when our babysitter's cousin graduated from highschool. There will also be potato salad that a lady in Laurens is making. Did I mention that there will be 350 people at the wedding? Yeah, that's a lot of mayonnaise for the masses if you ask me.

The flowers are plastic, but don't worry. They were spray painted to match the fall color scheme theme. I am hearing orange and brown which only makes me wonder how ridiculous Drew is going to look in an orange tux. I am presuming that its orange, plus it goes well with the Dumb and Dumber picture.

I'd get into more of it but it hasn't even happened. I'll be back Monday with evidence including photos and potential some YouTube videos that you will see here first. I am both frightened and elated all at the same time. Tom Arnold's show will have nothing on this shin-dig. 

Tom if you're reading, bring a film crew to Laurens.


Velvet VaVoom said...

Mayonaise for the masses. Classic. Can't WAIT to see the photos and read the series, have an awesome time!

whitney and brooks said...

have fun. can't wait to see the pictures!
your babysitter doesnt read your blog, does she?

Kerry Colwell said...

OMG - it sounds like quite a time. Have fun?

Garity said...

Um, there's plenty of mayo down here in Mexico...they have a thing for it I guess so the thought of potato salad at this point doesn't sound too good to me (not to mention the whole issue of morning sickness). Have fun though and I know your stories of the whole shin dig will be worth the wait.