Thursday, October 2, 2008

The story behind finding the picture of me on the phone

So I called my mom and told her to send me the picture that's in the previous blog post. She and Dad just moved and have all their photos in boxes. The idea of her finding this picture was a challenge. Another challenge was that she and my dad would have to figure out how to use the scanner even if they did find the picture. They had a scanner, they just hadn't used it. This is the equivalent of having a stove but eating your meat raw. They are somewhat technically challenged but they are gaining on it. I tried to talk them through it on the phone.

So I told my parents to try scanning any old picture just to see if they could accomplish that. If they could, and only if they could, they would look for the real picture. Below is the test version I received.

Now if you know my dad, this is pretty funny. If you don't know my dad, you're missing out. He drew characters like this all the time when we were kids. You could say he has his own style. That's me with with the purple Napoleon Dynamite hair and my mother in her maternity prime. So, the good news is that I got the real photo for a sappy sentimental post, and I got this little beauty as well. I am going to try to convince my sister to use it as her birth announcement but that conversation won't last too long.

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linda said...

I think your dad has a real talent...well hidden, but there!