Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Quick Hits

Bella starts first grade tomorrow. On the way to Walgreens tonight, I told Bella she would need to have a bath tonight. Caroline said, "Yeah, Bella needs a bath so she doesn't go to school all stinky."

I took Drew to the mall the other day to get fitted for a tuxedo. He is in a wedding in October (more on that later). Apparently when Daina took him to get fitted he threw a fit and had a meltdown and was unable to be properly fitted. So, I got to take him. He was a champ, looks like a stud in the coat and even tried on the little shoes. We closed the night by playing at the play place and then eating at Chipotle. He even tried the hot sauce. "Dat too spicy Daddy"

Drew got in his first fight the other day. A scuffle with a friend at the Happy Joe's pizza place game area. I think they scuffled on the ski ball machine. Apparently he didn't start it and reacted after being hit. Drew walked away with fewer scratches than the other kid. Don't mess with Drew. Drew went to this kids birthday party today and apologized and then played with trains. Friends again.

Caroline has a common excuse of "I can't sleep good." This happens at around 10 p.m. every night. She uses the line to hang out and watch the Olympics, or sneaks into our bedroom and promptly sleeps there all night. I usually wake up with Caroline's foot in my face as she is prone to mountain climbing dreams.

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