Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday afternoon rainbows

Drew and I took our traditional errand run on Sunday night. We hit the book store, the grocery store and then Lowes. We parked at Lowes in the middle of a downpour. It was bad. I was looking for tornados and such. The two of us sitting and talking in the rain. He was scared of the thunder and lightening so he got to sit shotgun, which being a car-seat man for his entire life was a pretty big deal. We talked about "rain no hurt you" and "thunder no hurt you - it just loud" and so on.

Then a rainbow appeared.

It was the first rainbow I have seen this summer and it may be Drew's first. His only real understanding of rainbows are his watching his older sisters drawing pictures of them. We spent some time looking at it in the parking lot after the rain had subsided. He named off the colors he saw and talked about his favorite colors and how we should go inside soon because it might rain again.

Inside Lowes, the cashier struck up a conversation with Drew who provided her with details about the just witnessed rainbow, the colors, etc. It was basically the same conversation just more refined, better articulated. A future in sales for Drew?

So we settle up at Lowes, walk outside and Drew starts crying. No reason, just freaking out. The rainbow is gone. Daddy, where my rainbow. This was not good. I told him that rainbows don't stay very long, you need sunshine and rain and some science stuff that Dad doesn't remember.

Drew delt with it. He came to the conclusion, that the rainbow "had taken and a nap."

We'll see him later I told Drew. "Yeah Daddy, after his nap" he said.


linda said...

May be one of my favorite stories yet...

Garity said...

Ahhhh, Lowes and rainbows after a really good storm...2 of my favorite things. I think you guys have had enough rain though, time to dry out a bit already!

T.L. said...

So sweet...makes me think of my little man and the things to come :)