Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bella getting better at reading....

Bella has had some struggles with reading. The school has a "Reading Lab" program that Bella participates in. Each night, Bella brings home a book and reads it to us. I too have seen the improvement.

We got this great note from her reading lab teacher.

Hi Daina and Josh,

My name is XXXX and I teach in one of the Reading Lab rooms at Maple Grove. It's been such a pleasure for me to meet Bella and to begin working with her. She's making wonderful progress! Thank you so much for your continued practice at home... it truly makes all the difference in helping young learners become successful in their reading and writing!


Reading Teacher

Nice to know that other people think Bella is as wonderful as Daina and I do.


linda said...

And always always always her Grandma Lindy!

Willie said...

Seems that nice and heartfelt letter compliments Bella's parents as much as it does Bella.